Snowdin (aka Snowdinian Empire) is a major nation of TSG. The growth of this nation is mainly derived from its capital, New Snowdin, which exploded in popularity in mid-September 2022. However, Snowdin has also found success in its many territories across the server, places such as Amphirite and Vihnloxberg all became large towns on the server.
Flag of Snowdin

History & Laws

Towns/Territories of Snowdin

Mainland Snowdin

New Snowdin

New Snowdin is the capital of the Snowdinian Empire and sits in the snow biome just north of old spawn (Coords - -1230, 68, -1576) (Is a Town Waystone). It is one of the major cities of the server with over 50 residents and contains important places such as the TSG Times headquarters, The Better Light church, League of Towns hall, etc.
Top-down views of New Snowdin
Snowdin Parliament viewed from a distance
Snowdin Parliament viewed from the front
The city was founded by Teapot and Samuel on the 20th of August 2022 and advertised itself as a place for new players to start out. Though New Snowdin’s rapid growth during September has died down, many new players have moved to the city due to its sense of community. Most of the residents/outsiders like to hang out at Grillby’s, a popular bar right next to Fort Olsnow.
Residents of New Snowdin have access to healthcare, provided at the New Snowdin Hospital, as well as entertainment at the fighting arena, or at the library. They also have access to public transport, named the ‘Snowdin Metro’, something many other towns do not have.
Snowdin Metro Map
New Snowdin Library
New Snowdin Court
Katzrkooler’s Dragon
Blizzard Hills


Vihnloxberg is a town just north of King’s Bay (Coords - -3619, 63, 4713) (Is a town waystone), and is known for its beautiful mountains and farming culture. The town was started by a player called Adam and became a key town in the Snowdinian Empire. After gaining its town waystone, the population started to boom once again.
Old top-down view of Vihnloxberg
Vihnloxberg is also known for the ‘Vihnloxberg Depths’, which is a vast water cave system that is popular amongst the diving community. However, the Vihnloxberg Depths are very dangerous, if you do not bring proper diving equipment, you may lose your way into the caves and drown.
Warning Signs in the Vihnloxberg Depths
Vihnloxberg Depths
One day, the mythical Kraken started to act up. The Kraken grew larger and larger, then demanding the people of Vihnloxberg for donations. Once receiving donations, the Kraken became much more peaceful and is now considered a resident of Vihnloxberg.
The Kraken, a tourist destination
On the 6th of August, 2023, Adam stepped down as mayor. Following that, Snowdin reclaims full ownership of the town, and starts the Vihnloxberg Project, aiming to rebuild and refine the town.
Result of the Vihnloxberg Project


Heidensberg is a town south of New Snowdin (Coords -880 , 86 , 780). It is the first town to be established during the Battle Era of Snowdin, and the town is run by the Lord of Heidensberg, Typing. The town is connected to the New Snowdin underground because of Snowdin’s Mole, ChillyWilly.
Picture of Heidensberg
“Heidensberg was a destroyed town that the Snowdinians soon started to repopulate”. On the hill, a ruined castle sits there, which is being repaired by the Lords of Heidensberg.
Heidensberg Castle
Heidensberg used to be ruled by only Teapot, however, he allowed elections to take place. This made Sith and Typing the two lords of Heidensberg. However, it was revealed to Teapot by Sith that Typing plans to overthrow Teapot and rule over the world. Teapot decided to eliminate the threat before it gets too powerful, thus ending Typing’s power over Heidensberg.
Typing does eventually get his Lordship back after promising Teapot to not be evil.


Spiritova is located west of New Snowdin, sitting on the Spiritovan Islands (Coords - -2611, 64, -947). The name and buildings are directly inspired by a scene in the Studio Ghibli film ‘Spirited Away’ (image below).
The scene that inspired Spiritova’s creation
View of the Spiritovan coast


Amphirite is located on the largest island of the ‘Amphirite Isles’ (Coords -2548, 66, 2236) (Is a Town Waystone) Amphitrite was one of Snowdin’s first colonies established during the Expansion Era. The town experienced a massive boom in population during its first months, before its decline. The town was revived after it received a Town Waystone, letting Teapot move people into the town with ease.
A picture of Amphirite

Scallywags Bay

Scallywags Bay is located south of the west waystone (Coords -2032, 68, 719), with its theme being a 1700s pirate theme. It has a tavern called Madam Annettes’, which serves fresh local fish and chips. The town is connected to the New Snowdin underground because of Snowdin’s Mole, ChillyWilly.
Scallywags Bay 03/06/23
A boat located beside Scallywags Bay

Lake New Snowdin

Lake New Snowdin is a small town located at -430 -953. The town has a 700 by 700 metre area and there are 9 districts in Lake New Snowdin County.
(Written by TurkFork, slightly edited by Teapot)


Falksberg is Snowdin's main port city located west of New Snowdin (-1838, 70, -1499).
Falksberg's Port