is a town just north of Kingโ€™s Bay (Coords - -3619, 63, 4713), and is known for its beautiful mountains and farming culture. The town was started by a player called Adam and became a key town in the Snowdinian Empire. After gaining its town waystone, the population started to boom once again.

Vihnloxberg is also known for the โ€˜Vihnloxberg Depthsโ€™, which is a vast water cave system that is popular amongst the diving community. However, the Vihnloxberg Depths are very dangerous, if you do not bring proper diving equipment, you may lose your way into the caves and drown.

One day, the mythical Kraken started to act up. The Kraken grew larger and larger, then demanding the people of Vihnloxberg for donations. Once receiving donations, the Kraken became much more peaceful and is now considered a resident of Vihnloxberg.

On the 6th of August, 2023, Adam stepped down as mayor. Following that, Snowdin reclaims full ownership of the town, and starts the Vihnloxberg Project, aiming to rebuild and refine the town.

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