⚖️Snowdinian Laws


Leader Act {Oct 4th 2022}

The Leader Act is the law that all people of Snowdin should do what the Teapot says.

Goodwill Laws {Oct 4th 2022}

The Goodwill Laws are a collection of laws that are basically just “Be nice to your fellow comrades”. Examples are:

  • Be nice to everyone in Snowdin

  • Don’t betray your fellow Snowdinians

  • Help newcomers

Raccoon’s Casino Laws {AKA - Rac-Cas Laws} {Oct 2nd 2022}

Raccoon’s Casino Laws are in place to prevent scam casinos (Such as Snuggy’s Casino). These laws were born after the October 2nd SnuggyDuck court case.

The laws are:

  • You must have Teapot/Lord’s Permission to build a Casino

  • The Casino should be fair and not rigged

Tax Ban {Oct 9th 2022}

The Tax Ban is a law put in place so Teapot / Lords cannot implement tax into Snowdin.

End Crystal Ban {Sept 6th 2022}

Any End Crystal PVP is banned in New Snowdin, and you will get warned for not abiding by this law. The End Crystal ban was put in place after the river going through New Snowdin was wrecked with obsidian, cobwebs, and broken ice.

Lords Laws {Mar 12th 2023}

The Lords Laws are put in place so Lords do not abuse their role. These laws are:

  • Lords cannot remove other's builds (Unless given Teapots permission)

  • You cannot evict people from their homes

  • You cannot enact taxes on the people (Tax Ban)

Build Laws {June 25th 2023}

The Build Laws were enacted to keep Snowdin neat and tidy, and ridden of ugly builds. These laws include:

  • You cannot build over 35 blocks without Teapot/Lord’s permission

  • Builds must look visually appealing, if you need help making it look nice you can always ask Teapot/Lord’s for help

Recycling Act {Aug 27th 2023}

Many inactive players’ builds at New Snowdin go to waste, so this law was put into place by the people to gain extra resources to go to players who need them for their own builds. (This excludes the donation of waystones, booster items, etc).

Iceberg Protection Act {September 9th 2023}

The Iceberg Protection Act ensures that all Icebergs around New Snowdin are protected by being claimed. All who break this law after September 9th 2023 will be fined 5 diamonds. Refusing to pay the fine will result in exile.


State Mayor Laws{Oct 14th 2022} {Outdated Law, Renewed as the ‘Lords Laws’}

The State Mayor Laws are put in place so State Mayors do not abuse their role. These laws are:

  • State mayors cannot remove others builds (Unless given mayors permission)

  • You cannot evict people from their homes

  • You cannot enact taxes on the people (Tax Ban)

Education Act {Oct 4th 2022} {Outdated Law}

The Education Act is to make sure all members of Snowdinia are educated on Snowdinian history.

As of 2023, Education has become optional. You can learn the history of Snowdin on the wiki Snowdin - The Stoned Golem Wiki

Build Height Law {Oct 13th 2022} {Outdated Law, Renewed as part of the ‘Build Laws’}

The Build Height Law was introduced with the goal of keeping New Snowdin looking visually nice. The law is that if you are building something over 35 blocks tall in New Snowdin, you must get the Emperor's approval.

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