🧧Our History

Before the Order

Before the founding of the Blood Order, Tzario was a former member of a group known as the Cutesie Cave whilst also having been a member for a while now. After a series of misunderstandings and misfortunes, he decided instead to distance himself from anybody and found himself in the far West, it was there he found nether portal, strangely wider than most built into a small cave below what is now the Bloodwood Mansion. After a long-time hiatus, in January 2023, Tzario had only gotten up to building only the foundation of the Mansion, and lacked any profound resources, farms or power. And so, before he resumed construction, he went on to acquire it. This required him to build four things that soon became his leverage; a Gold Farm, a Raid Farm, a Villager Hall and a Shulker Farm. It was early that same month, he met two people at the Shopping Disctrict; charlieo12 and NJay2755, members of Custard Town. It was at this point that Tzario, NJay and Charlie formally met each other meaning they had exchanged information, including about Tzario’s newly built power, who also offered both of them positions as bodyguards.

The Custard Revolution

Later, NJay approached Tzario with a proposition in regards to overthrowing Xopy, head of the Custard Council. He detailed, giving both him and NJay resources and a guarantee that in the event Xopy receives reinforcement from Skyfall, Tzario was to join the fight on NJay’s side.

The reason that NJay wanted to propose a revolution in the first place, was due to the fact Xopy, while possessing a council, never approached them on any decisions. NJay saw it as oppression, and due to this, him and Charlie, now sharing the same vision, wanted Xopy ousted. The whole revolution was rather anticlimactic, as no fight took place. However, this had unexpectedly played directly into Tzario’s favor, whether he meant for it to or not.

After the coup d'etat, Custard Town, despite it’s decent member count, had staggered in activity, which left charlie, who was if anything, bored to visit Tzario at the construction of the Bloodwood Mansion, and had decided to help, and NJay after a short hiatus, had also become quite fond of Tzario and his projects. In its aftermath, the trio quickly found themselves playing with eachother often, and it was then that they met one of the other founders; Pulse_Radiant. After introducing each other, Tzario offered to Pulse a place in what he now wants to turn into a Town, into which Pulse agreed.

The Forest’s Border

It was early February, and the second layer of the Mansion had just begun its construction. As Tzario was repairing his things at the Enderman Farm, he heard people approaching from the Waystone, three people to be exact; Drew_SP3X, _Gameknight193 and Nova_Elmstone. It wouldn’t have caught his attention if it weren’t for the fact that one of the aforementioned decided to say, quote; “That dude has full Netherite! I wanna fight him.” Which, in retrospect, had to have been Gameknight. A few days later, Tzario once again ran into Gameknight and Drew at Spawn, where he also met Nova, who was playing her ukulele. And after some gifting, notably many diamonds and an elytra or two, and a hearty conversation, they quickly got to know each other. After meeting Nova, he was brought to ‘Farming Town,’ a town run by Zer0_Manzuk0, and it so happened that Gameknight was familiar with the two as well. It was there he learned that while Nova was active in Farming Town, she mostly lived in Turnip Town, or more so its neighbour, Border Forest which also subsequently where Gameknight had set up his home. After a few more days, talking and getting to know each other, Tzario had offered Gameknight a position, which was quickly accepted. After that, he met with Nova again, with an offer of his own, specifically to become his accountant, which according to reports, Nova reluctantly accepted, mostly out of fear of the four full-armored people behind Tzario at the time, which wasn’t his intention. Nonetheless, she accepted and had found herself helping out with the mansion along with Charlie.

The Blood Order

It was at this point on, that the Blood Order had unofficially been formed, consisting of Nova, Gameknight, Tzario, Charlie and Pulse, all of whom simply decided to help out building the Mansion. In late March, Tzar finally began to plan for the town he envisioned which he realized needed one thing; more players, and he had one person in mind; Drew, as NJay had decided to focus on his own ventures. With that, they set out to recruit him, which was an effortless endeavour. As a joke, Drew’s initiation into the town was the explosion of his old base, which amazingly he agreed to. When that was out of the way, Tzario officially declared the Blood Order, and therefore Bloodwood, which was where it began.

Picture of the Blood Order sitting together on a fully furnished diamond Beacon, made after the construction of the Bloodwood Mansion.

The Era of Infamy

The Expansion

The Expansion is a time period of not only Bloodwood’s expansion of territory through building, but also the showcase of their unorthodox method to gaining members. The expansion, despite its early beginnings, never really stopped as the Order, more specifically Pulse and Tzario had envisioned an organised community with a proper hierarchy, and so they decided that not only will Bloodwood have a theme of builds, the town itself was to become an invite-only town.

This meant that as Bloodwood expanded, it wasn’t through the advertisement of it throughout the playerbase, instead it was encouraged to be shared through friends. It was envisioned that if members invited those only they trust and have fun playing with; that the community would be organised and most of all, know each other. Not only that, the town would easily be able to sort each other into doing what was needed for the town.

This gimmick had worked amazingly, as Bloodwood would never again reach the active member count it had seen during this Era. Other than that, the Expansion was a short-lived period where the City and Nation, where Bloodwood began to recruit the less fortunate towns (examples being Westwood and Graveland) saw itself take shape into what it is mostly known as today.

The Blood War

The Beginning of Hell

Beginning late March, the Phantom War took place between New Snowdin and her dominions, paired with Bloodwood up against Hellion, an organisation led by ItsTonka which was apparently dedicated to the apparent peacekeeping of the World. The Hostilities between Hellion and the Blood Order had already been quite strained, as earlier that week, charlieo12 had engaged in multiple unsanctioned battles against Tonka which ended up with Tonka coming to Bloodwood to have a negotiation with Tzario where an agreement was made. Tonka was allowed to place any consequence upon Charlie, however nobody else in Bloodwood was to be afflicted. It was also here when two figures, notably Minihorsie and Aurar0n, tried to join Bloodwood which quickly made Tzario suspicious as it was a mere day after Tonka had approached a negotiation with Bloodwood had Mini, a well known player that affiliated with Tonka, and a random player that wanted to join with them. While Mini was denied access, Aura was reluctantly given a membership and it was thought to be left at that, with Aura being treated with every sense of suspicion and caution. These suspicions were confirmed when Teapot, Emperor of Snowdin, approached Tzario to propose an alliance. This came about after Snowdin had suffered their own share of problems with those affiliated with Hellion; and so came about the First Bloodboltz Pact which was formed under the pretence to eradicate the threat of Hellion spies in both Snowdinia and Bloodwood, which was done shortly after.

It wasn’t even a day before the Bloodboltz Pact took place, before Tonka declared war on the alliance.

The Phantom Battle

The Phantom Battle took place on March 25th 2023, where Teapot called for the invasion of Vitalion, the capital of the Bone Republic, which at the time was under control of Minihorsie. Both Snowdin and Bloodwood got online to fight, along with Silent, one of the leaders of the forgotten Nova Aurora. It’s notable that Tzario himself didn’t get online for the fight, believing his members had every capability of doing it themselves, which was correct. Using the New Snowdin Underground to the East Point, the Alliance took to the sea to get to Fort Flesh. Once they arrived, they quickly met Hellion’s outnumbered force across the gap of water. Both sides continued to hurl insults at each other, with the alliance returning fire with physical force as it quickly escalated into what is now known as the Phantom Battle, named as such after dozens upon dozens of phantoms were summoned in the night sky of the battlefield. While the Battle was chaotic, even messy, as neither side really organised, it demonstrated two things. Tonka had not lost his combat prowess, even after many months of what one would consider a time of dormancy for the revered hamster. But also how Bloodwood was dangerous, not to just Hellion, but also many more. It also showed off the combat prowess of not just a select few members, nearly all of the members involved. Notably; Drew, Pulse, Gameknight and most of all Charlie, who even to this day is considered one of the most powerful people on the server.

The Blood Duel

It was after the fight, a day or two after, where to end the conflict which he saw unjust, Tzario challenged Tonka to a duel, where Bloodwood would pick a fighter to go up against Tonka, and whoever lost the battle would have to concede to any terms made inside of the Treaty that was to follow. On that same day, Teapot, Tonka and Tzario, along with spectators from each side teleported to the Official Arena. As his Champion in battle; Tzario presented Charlie, who was the most skilled of the fighters within his ranks, unmatched some would say. However, to even the surprise of Teapot who wasn’t informed, Tzario and Charlie had something hidden up their sleeves. The moment the countdown reaches zero, Charlie and Tonka quickly rush at each other, both attacking the other with fierce determination, allowing everybody to watch with their eyes how this war would end.. Only for Tonka to end up dead to the use of a sword enchanted with sharpness 1,000, which while Tonka saw as unfair; Bloodboltz countered with the fact the conditions never mentioned anything about such a thing. This did many things; one of them being the beginning of one of the most incredible rivalries between Tonka and Bloodwood in its entirety, as well as the establishment of the future scepticism towards Bloodwood and their promises but also how Bloodwood was quickly becoming a force to reckon with, even among those that have been here longer.

The Withering

The Withering was a brief conflict between Bloodwood and Hellion during early-mid April, which took place in Vitalion, capital of the Bone Republic. Tzario wasn’t satisfied simply by the duel, as he wanted to get back at Tonka just as he broke the promise he had given prior to the Blood War, it was one of the only times Bloodwood was ever caught in an offensive war. Under the pretence of a negotiation to end Minihorsie’s apparent debt to Tzario, Bloodwood organised a meeting between Tonka, Mini and Milly that took place in Vitalion. Prior to this, Keati was used as a spy to join Medieval Horizon, and to convince Mini that he was a spy, the meeting was a way for Keati to betray Bloodwood. Once the time came, Charlie, Keati, Nova, Tzario and Game met up at the Bone Republic with Tonka and Mini. Due to the fact both of them were on high alert, Bloodwood had attempted to ensure their guard was down by stalling, at first through negotiation and after was through a story, one simply known as ‘The Story of the Broken God.’ And as they had planned, it worked. Right before the end of the story, Tzario signalled for Charlie to summon in two Withers, before they quickly began to attack each other, which ended in a stalemate, after both sides suffered casualties, Bloodwood suffering more with the only people left standing being Tonka and Charlie, which were unable to kill each other. After that, Keati subsequently “left” Bloodwood to become a member of Medieval Horizons.

The Feather War

The Wedding With a Secret

Early in March, Nova and Tzario were having a conversation, and in passing both as a joke and with the thought that he wouldn’t actually do it; Nova mentioned how if Tzario were to get an armoured elytra for her, that she would marry him. It took Tzario two days. After completing a rush order, buying the Nexus Wings from a future member of the town, cow564, he presented it to her and with both shock and amazement, without really having a choice; she accepted his unorthodox proposal. On April 30th 2023, the ceremony was attended by 25-30+ players at once, with many familiar faces attending. Both Tonka and Teapot attended, as a groomsman and the priest respectively. The wedding ceremony was beautiful, as not only was it hosted at the church of the Owl Gardens, a small town built high on the clouds, it was accompanied by gifts, merry music and vows. Despite Tzario and Nova finding the whole situation comical, the wedding suddenly became something close to the both of them. While Tzario had presented a Slow Fall Ring, to replace the one Nova had lost, she presented him with something that he will not replace; a knife that can kill anyone it stabs.. Which was the only way she saw them ever separating from each other. However she had kept something secret from him, which would soon lead to the darkest moment of their life. Below is a picture of Tzario and Nova in their Wedding Attire.

The Feather War & The Dawn of Sickness

Prior to the wedding, there had been a development within the server. A virus, known as the Crying Obsidian virus, that Tonka was researching had broken out of its containment, letting loose a pandemic across the world. Tonka had called a meeting between Bloodwood and Hellion, to put a truce upon their hostilities to focus on what he perceived as the greater threat; the Virus. While Tzario had agreed to the truce, he didn’t see the Virus as much of a threat, moreso a ploy for Hellion to recuperate and retaliate towards his earlier aggression. This wasn’t the case, as it was revealed to him that Nova had been afflicted after she had handled a small amount of crying obsidian whilst organising some storage. As the days went on, she only got worse and with a lack of a choice, for not only her safety and his, the both of them agreed that she had to be contained but she still grasped her own freedom, being able to roam around whenever she pleased so long as she was more cautious about who she was near to. And so, Tzario created ARK Laboratories, where he could safeguard and research all those under his companionship which suffered the affliction of the pandemic. But many foreigners, without having the correct information or were under the influence of hear-say propaganda, saw it as a sign of oppression.

The Betrayal

It all came to a head when Nova was invited to the International Virus Research Department at Snowdin, under the idea that she was apparently a “researcher,” when in reality she was simply seeking further help for her affliction. Brought along with her was SimonBrother, who was infected with multiple other viruses (notably the Sculk Virus) which appeared after the Outbreak of multiple research facilities across the world. While Simon was imprisoned, Nova was said to be allowed to be moved around. Even still, Tzario wasn’t going to let his newly found wife be kept in a facility he wasn’t aware of or sanctioned, and so after Charlie reportedly couldn’t extract Nova from the New Snowdin Hospital, who was hidden by Tonka as a safety measure; Tzario was forced to get online to do the job himself. And without much of a choice outside of bloodshed, the IVF caved in and allowed Nova to leave the premises. But with this came its consequences. Teapot, perceiving Bloodwood’s intrusion into the IVF to re-capture Nova as a sign of hostility and an insult to Snowdinian sovereignty, broke off from the ‘Second Bloodboltz Pact,’ which was created as a Trade Alliance rather than a Mutual Defence Pact, which was the focus of the first. Tzario, in response, didn't take this lightly and was reported to have said, ‘Whether it be this life or the dozens after, I will make sure that Imp sees the edge of my blade last.’ The situation worsened after Snowdin and Hellion, both of which formed a mega-alliance known simply as the ‘Coalition’ which contained both factions and their allies, all to combat Bloodwood and the Blood Order and depose Bloodwood from their perceived power trip. Tzario, now fueled with hatred as he thought not only did Tonka go back on the truce, Teapot had betrayed him, all for a cause that nobody knew the concrete answer to, all they did know was that Bloodwood was now framed as public enemy #1.

The Battle of Bloodwood

While Bloodwood was unaware, the Coalition which consisted between The Empire of Snowdin, Hellion, V. Hills, Turnip Town, and many independent fighters / mercenaries, they all embarked on a march to the capital city of Bloodwood, which was at the time inhabited only by Shroomie, the adopted son of Tzario and Nova, the latter was doing research at ARK. While the Coalition signed for Shroomie not to be harmed, Charlie who was safeguarding the town at that point was preparing for a fight, informed Tzario that his son was being coerced by Millydee to go against Bloodwood, which forced Tzario to gather who he could into the fight and back to Bloodwood, leaving Nova safe in her chambers. Filled with rage, Bloodwood engaged in a brutal fight on their home soil, which not only encroached on their sovereignty, forced him to break a cardinal rule, where no blood was to be spilled in the great Mansion. His condition only got worse when he found out Teapot had discovered the hidden ARK Laboratory in the Nether, and without a second thought, he left the premises, leaving Bloodwood outnumbered and overpowered back at the Capitol simply to ensure his wife’s safety. Once he had apparated into the lab, he met Teapot and a small portion of the invasion force standing by the built-in nether portal. Without another thought in his head, filled with only what could be described by Nova as silent rage he began to attack Teapot, with his force not budging to leave, only deciding to do so after Nova’s pleading. As the chaos diminished, the Coalition retreated from their positions and left back to New Snowdin, leaving the mansion to a ruin and a bitter taste across Bloodwood, which even Tzario knew was the taste of defeat. He received a note from an anonymous coalition member which simply wrote; “Consider it a warning.”

The Subjugation of Forestation

In the Feather War’s aftermath, Bloodwood knew they were in need of allies, willing or not. He found them in the form of Forest Station, a town led by Forestqr. Forest had always been closely affiliated with Bloodwood, as he had made the mistake of putting a price on his soul, which Tzario had bought out with ease, but even despite that, he never encroached upon Forest’s sovereignty, even offering his town protection from Snowdin and Hellion, both of whom Forest had a strained relationship with. And yet, Forest continued to try and undermine Bloodwood, trying to break free of his apparent shackles not out of reason for righteousness, but out of a grudge. As Forest was not used to being the underdog, he would have much rather become the one dominating the server instead of Bloodwood. And so, to eliminate any further possibility of this; Tzario made him an offer. Give him the Crown to Forest Station, and the Deed in exchange for whatever amount of cash he wanted. Forest, thinking it wasn’t possible, asked for two shulker boxes of diamond blocks, and within the week, it was given to him, and he was stripped of his Kingdom, now serving as a member of the council under the Kingship of Super_D_ and NJay2755. Later down the line in the Cursed War’s aftermath, this angered a good portion of the Forest Station Citizens, with many forming into a Rebellion, funded and supported by New Snowdin.

The Cursed War

The Cursed Treatment

The Laboratory, now abandoned as Tzario kept to himself and his general, Charlie to plot a way to exact a violent, bloody revenge upon the Coalition, left Nova with no other alternatives to treatment. Desperate, without another word to her husband, she seeked treatment from Tonka himself. When Tzario was made aware of this, he could do nothing but grit his teeth as even he knew that he wouldn’t be able to cure her without the use of Tonka’s information on the virus, which he created. Beginning on the 29th of April, Nova underwent procedures to treat her condition which spanned across multiple days, up to a week. Tzario was left in the dark, as he could not create a conflict with Tonka lest he postpones the treatment or simply keeps Nova there forever. He waited, every now and again allowing himself into the lab to see her, to him it felt like months, and finally he received a message from Tonka, calling him to the hidden lab set up by him and Mini. As Tzario travelled down the stairs, Tonka began to explain the ways he tried to treat the affliction. At first, it began with basic measures, such as golden apples and water, which were the original ways to treat the virus. As he continued to explain, the methods became darker. As it ranged from the use of burning the virus way using fire, to smiting it with the use of channelling. All the way to the use of ‘Explosion Therapy.’ Tzario knew something was wrong, and finally they made it down to Nova’s patience room. Tonka unveiled the curtain and there was Nova, now with purple eyes rather than her sea blue. One thing caught him off-guard, her wings weren’t on her back. And immediately, he knew. Without another thought, he began to plead to Nova, hoping she remembered him, and all he could hear was her asking ‘Who is he? You told me he was evil.’ Grief overtook him, only to have to defend himself as he heard Tonka give the order to execute him, which she obliged. He couldn’t do anything, he continued to try and weave through her attacks, begging for her to remember which did nothing to stop her attacks, and it was then he knew that she no longer remembered him, and that she now hates him for one reason or another. It was after she began to get frustrated at his dodging and a searing pain whenever he begged that she stopped, instead dropping the severed wings that he had proposed to her with onto the ground at his feet, and despite his pleads, she refused to return with him back to Bloodwood, instead building in New Snowdin. It was reported that Tzario was consumed not just by grief, but a laughing rage, a resentment towards life itself.

The Way The God Broke

Lacking any further motivation to continue, Tzario fell into a deep depression and some say a period of insanity. He wrote in what was known as the Black Journal, which recorded his descent into madness, as it described his hallucinations, his nightmares and his pain, hanging the two closest objects which houses his memory with his former wife; a Golden Apple, gifted to him by her along with her severed wings.

The Wither’s Stalemate

The Coalition, who was dormant for a time, found themselves grouping up at Milly’s Castle in V. Hills after Forestation, who was at the time still under Bloodwood’s thumb, attacked Tonka, Darkcat and Snowy. Under the impression that Bloodwood had sent them, when in reality Forest simply wanted Tonka’s player head, they began to come up with a plan to exact revenge on Bloodwood, and so they decided the best course of action was to march from West 10k, directly to Bloodwood. An imminent blunder in this scheme was that, while they’re plan was to ensure Bloodwood hadn’t the time to prepare, the march did the exact opposite as Tzario caught wind of it rather quickly and easily prepared players for the fight, including the majority of Bloodwood and certain sympathisers.

Before the Coalition arrived, Tzario had ordered the placement of dozens, upon dozens of Withers, which was bound to cause imminent chaos. And he ensured that a plan was in place. While the Coalition tried to handle the power of the Withers, Bloodwood would ensure they were cooperating properly and strategically, and as they were outnumbered; the plan was executed near perfectly. While Bloodwood suffered few casualties, The Coalition suffered more, but stubbornly, both sides had an equal number of players still standing and so when the fighting stopped, there wasn’t a way to decide who won even after Bloodwood brought up the fact they had killed more people but in the end both sides agreed that it was a stalemate, but arguably one side lost more than the other.

The Liberation of Westwood

After the Stalemate, the War too came to a halt, but tension was still apparent across all sides of the War, and this all came to its climax when the Coalition made its intention to invade and occupy Westwood, which was under the governance of Bloodwood. However, Bloodwood tried to antagonise the Coalition to return to the arena for the fight, but they were keen on not repeating their mistake last time. The Coalition was given time to prepare makeshift defences, as Bloodwood began to concoct a plan as well as resources for the battle, and after 20 minutes, the second battle had broken out and it was by far the most organised either side had been, and in the end Bloodwood was declared the winner after it was decided that they suffered not only less casualties but inflicted more.

The Reforestation Rebellion

The Aftermath


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