Heidensberg is a town south of New Snowdin (Coords -880 , 86 , 780). It is the first town to be established during the Battle Era of Snowdin, and the town is run by the Lord of Heidensberg, Typing. The town is connected to the New Snowdin underground because of Snowdin’s Mole, ChillyWilly.

“Heidensberg was a destroyed town that the Snowdinians soon started to repopulate”. On the hill, a ruined castle sits there, which is being repaired by the Lords of Heidensberg.

Heidensberg used to be ruled by only Teapot, however, he allowed elections to take place. This made Sith and Typing the two lords of Heidensberg. However, it was revealed to Teapot by Sith that Typing plans to overthrow Teapot and rule over the world. Teapot decided to eliminate the threat before it gets too powerful, thus ending Typing’s power over Heidensberg.

Typing does eventually get his Lordship back after promising Teapot to not be evil.

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