🔴City of Bloodwood

Located far west of the former Spawn, it was established officially on February 28th 2023 by the former Blood Order, which consisted of Pulse_Radiant, TzarioBread, charlieo12, _Gameknight193, Drew_SP3X and Nova_Elmstone. To this day, Pulse has been the only one to formally resign his position.

The Bloodwood Mansion, where all of it started, began it’s construction on August of 2022 after Tzario had decided to remove himself from his old base under Wano, and opted to create a home that seemed to create the basis of the City, mixing modern interior with a neoclassical exterior, which worked well with the use of quartz. This laid the foundation for what was to become the rest of the City, which began to take shape only during its peak, beginning with the construction of the Bloody Liberty, a statue located in the Imperial River which was originally planned by Gameknight, but in the end became the handiwork of both him and Pulse, with Bloodwood pitching in as a whole. It, even now, symbolises the liberty and freedom of those who are proud enough to consider themselves a member of the Kingdom.

A relatively incomplete overview of Bloodwood, which includes OpposedIsland’s Home, The Elmstone Villa and Gameknight’s House.

The Bloody Liberty.

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