Resource Pack

Our Resource Pack is constantly being updated, there will be a date here telling you when its been updated

Our Resource Pack is not needed to play on the server, it is used a lot and add a lot to the server.

Setup Process

  1. Download the file above

  2. In your windows search write %appdata%

  • Open your .minecraft folder, open the resourcepacks folder, and put the in there

3. Open Minecraft, click Options, click Resource Packs...

  • Make sure TSGPack is on the right side

  • Make sure TSGPack is on the top of the list

This is important ! If you are having issues with the pack loading, or just don't like the loading time, If you don't have those issues, you are done.

  1. On the main menu click Multiplayer, click on the server, click Edit

  • Make sure Server Resource Packs says Disabled, like in the example, Click done and you are done.

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