Species Encyclopedia

A List of all Species included in the TSG Lore (Written by Teapot and Tsario, info gained from the community)

Overworld Family🏞️


Avians come from areas filled with trees, such as jungles, forests, etc. They are distinguishable by their feathers, beaks, and claws. There are many different types of Avian breeds, coming from all types of treetop biomes; from penguins to owls.


Animals are a broad term encompassing the overworld animals. They are found in all biomes of the overworld (except for the ocean) and are the most common species in this dimension.



Humans come from all parts of the Overworld from the icy tundra to the harsh desert. They are the most common species throughout the world.


Insects come from all corners of the Overworld and live mostly in the ground. They’re recognizable by their antennas, frail wings and shorter heights than other species.

Overworld Slime


Phantoms come from the night skies of the overword, and can easily be deceived as a human. Most Phantoms are nocturnal, and usually wear lots of clothing to protect against the sun because of their easily sunburnt skin.

Nether Family🔥


Imps come from all parts of the Nether and are identifiable by their horns and distinctly red/blue skin tone.

They are closely related to Humans, sharing distinct features such as their skin, facial features, and organs.

The species are stereotypically known for their deceitful, evil, and mischievous nature.


Witherlings and subsequently those related to the Wither usually originate from two places, the many Soul Sand Valleys, or the many scattered Nether Fortresses. There are some notable differences between the two, found in their concrete personalities.

Those from the Valleys are oftentimes much more independent, and some end up becoming rather cunning, however much more sinister than their Fortress counterparts. Many are known for becoming heads of underground criminal rings.

However, Witherlings born in Nether Fortresses are much more protective, aggressive and territorial. As they are naturally gifted in the use of melee combat, but unlike their counterparts, they are not necessarily evil or twisted, simply wanting to get by like many others.


Blazeborne are only ever found in a Nether Fortress, but some Blazeborne can vary between where the Fortress is within the Nether Dimension. There are two species of Blazeborne, one known as the Abomination and the Hybrid.

The first species, the Abomination is what would be described to be the most recognizable of the Blazeborne species, being similar to that of the ordinary Blaze. Their entire body is made up of mostly fire, magma or lava, with their limbs not being physically attached to their body, but instead floating around and moving at their command.

The second species, known as the Hybrid is essentially a mixture of both Human and Blazeborne, possessing mainly Human genetics, but some of its features staying true to that of a Blazeborne. It is good to note that both species do have an alternate form, known as Soulfire.

They aren’t known for much in terms of behaviour, mostly possessing human intelligence like many others.

Magma Slime

Not too different from their transparent green counterparts, the Magma Slime are a species of gelatinous blobs of magma/lava. Found in the many ruins and biomes of the Nether dimension, they possess the same abilities that ordinary Slimes do, being able to change their shape into whatever they want, however still possessing their gelatinous texture.

It's not advisable to touch a Magma Slime.

Magma Slimes are surprisingly incredibly easy-going, but a notable difference is that they would be more than happy to do work granted in front of them for long periods of time, unhealthy periods of time. This means that most Magma Slimes are quite the worker, being business-oriented most times.

Piglins (& Zombified)

Distinguishable by their snout of gold, short white horns and the face of boar, the Piglin maintains a standard of style, consisting of golden accessories, ranging from piercings, bracelets to entire armour pieces.

Closely related to humans and animals, they are rather friendly to those they meet. Stereotypically, most Piglins species are often assumed to be incredibly greedy, seeking only to rob you of all your worth, however obviously not all of them have such a desire.

It is alarming to note, that certain Piglins may undergo a phenomenon known as zombification, similar to that of a villager, however this seems to be a rather inconclusive assumption, as Zombified Piglins continue to remain friendly and maintain their personalities after their transformations, with some Piglins not zombifying at all.


Demons come in many forms, shapes and sizes. But, if it's one thing that is assured for a demon is that they come from almost any part of the Nether, and technically the Overworld. However, due to this, rather than specifying by race, power or hierarchy, we will divide the Demon species into three categories; Sinners, Banished and Purebloods.

The Sinners are the most common type of demon found in the Nether. This is because Sinners were once part of the Overworld, whose souls were then transported and recreated inside the Nether, and this means that sinners often keep a lot of their memories, personalities, appearance and skills.

On the other hand, the Banished share many similarities with the Sinners, the main difference being how they became a Demon in the first place, while the Sinners were brought here, the Banished were sent here, banished, hence their namesake. Due to this they are often belittled, since they were forced to become a demon to survive, unlike the Sinner, who possesses the ability to survive as soon as they enter.

Finally, we have the Purebloods, an incredibly arrogant, cocky and even egotistical species of Demon, that were created, and raised within the depths of the Nether itself. They usually evolve from other Nether species, such as the Blazeborne or Witherling. Due to their pure connection to the Nether however, they possess the ability to explore the darker spectrum of power that it offers.


Becoming a Devil is one of the few things that demons ever hope for, that and happiness. In terms of appearance, it is usually quite difficult to tell any difference between them or the many demons. However, only a couple dozen of Devils are in existence at a time, and this is because of the many powers that a Devil has either been given, perfected or created with.

For example, the Contract Devil is a Devil that possesses the ability to create enticing contracts to draw or lure in those who can't resist a great deal. He is usually described to be incredibly manipulative, convincing or other times threatening.

Or, the Devil of Wrath, a Devil that possesses the ability to fight in almost any and all aspects of combat, that while they don't directly damn you, would be more than happy to do so for a price. Described to be menacing, sadistic and has even been banished many times before.

End Family🌕







Dragons are found in all families, as they come from all over the world. Despite this, they are very rare to come by.

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