Music Pack

Our Music Pack is updated somewhat regularly, there will be a date here telling you when its been updated

Our Music Pack is completely optional, there is no missing visuals or any missing experience not having it.

What is this?

This is our Custom Music on the server mostly suggested by the community! You can suggest songs you want added through our Discord

How to use it

  1. Download the TSGMusic above

  2. In your windows search write %appdata%

  1. Open your .minecraft folder, open the resourcepacks folder, and put the in there

  2. Open Minecraft, click Options, click Resource Packs...

    • Make sure TSGMusic is on the right side

  3. While on The Stoned Golem use the command /songs, it looks like this

  • Hover over them to see the names, Click the one you want and the song will start to play

How to lower the sound?

Click Options, click Music & Sounds, Voice/Speech is what controls it

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