Mods to improve performance+

These mods are made with all computers in mind plus some fun additions

This is the mods that are on our Discord in #server-mods, There are the performance aspect to it but there are also mods that are just convenient to have like Xaeros's Mini & World Map, the correct version of Simple Voice Chat, ect...

You need to have Fabric installed !

if your unsure how refer to this Normal Launcher Setup

To install the mods please follow these steps

This is made with the normal launcher in mind, i don't know or have experience with how other launchers work

  1. Download the mods.rar above and put it on your desktop

  2. Using Winrar right click it and click Extract files

  3. open the folder it makes, select all files in it and copy them

  4. In your windows search write %appdata%

  1. Open your .minecraft folder, open the mods folder

  • Delete Everything inside that folder

  • Paste the mods you have copied in there

Those are all the named of the mods, if you want to know what any or all of them do just search up the name, no one can explain it better than the Authors of it

List Of Mods

  1. 3D SkinLayers

  2. AppleSkin

  3. Architectury

  4. BadPackets

  5. BetterF3

  6. cem

  7. CITResewn

  8. Cloth-Config

  9. Collective

  10. EnhancedBlockEntities

  11. Essentials

  12. Fabric-api

  13. FastLoad

  14. Ferritecore

  15. FullBrightToggle

  16. Indium

  17. InvMove

  18. Iris-mc

  19. LazyDFU

  20. LiteMatica

  21. Lithium

  22. Malilib

  23. MemoryLeakFix

  24. ModMenu

  25. MouseTweaks

  26. Reeses Sodium Options

  27. ShulkerboxTooltips

  28. Sodium

  29. Sodium Extra

  30. Voice Chat

  31. WTHIT

  32. Xaeros Minimap

  33. Xaeros Worldmap

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