Who Are We ?

The Stoned Golem is a completely free Semi-Vanilla Minecraft server With a lot of features main one being Voice Chat, There are many other additions That are all Optional! We hope for a community that is welcoming and fun for most people, we try our best to not force any features on people, we do expect a certain level of maturity and responsibility, we do not tolerate trolls, griefing, or generally any kind of behavior that will ruin the server experience for anyone.

Some functions

  • We are a social proximity chat server.
  • A mature acting community is what we anticipate.
  • The server is running in Hard mode.
  • We DO NOT run a pay-to-win server!
  • We organize events for our server and members!

Some distinctive features of our server include

  • We have seasons and a calendar year.
  • You will get a key when you vote for the server that can be used to unlock crates and earn rewards at spawn!
  • As a result of our player stores, you are free to sell anything you like.
  • ImageFrame
  • When you die on the server, graves will appear where you recently died. Crouch and right-click your grave to quickly grab your inventory!
  • Custom Music
  • Vein Miner
  • McMMO (The skills are not activated; it is merely for levels and casual competition.)
  • Branded items! Put a brand on your item so that, in the unlikely event that it is stolen, we can instantly determine whether it belongs to you.
  • Claims
  • Waystones
  • Armor Stand Editor