• Rule #1 | Discord TOS & Guidelines - This server abides by Discordโ€™s TOS rules and guidelines. You can find them here:

  • Rule #2 | Use Common Sense - This is self-explanatory. Please do not be a troll, okay? Got it? Good.

  • Rule #3 | Racial Slurs and Discrimination - Please do not discriminate or use any slur. No allusions or loopholes will be accepted. This includes the use of spoilers or using punctuation to replace letters. No exceptions will be made, even if you are of that race or minority.

  • Rule #4 | Mature Audience - Please keep in mind that this server has various ages. You might encounter a different age group while having a conversation, so please be mindful of what is said.

  • Rule #5 | NSFW - NSFW content is NOT allowed. *NSFW content includes; pornographic material, illegal activity, excessive gore and violence, sexually suggestive images and videos, and links to images that depict minors or underage individuals engaged in violent, sexually suggestive, pornographic, shameful, or otherwise inappropriate situations.

  • Rule #6 | Spamming - Please refrain from spamming in text or voice channels, as they may flood the server. Do not repeatedly leave and join a voice channel on purpose, as it is also considered spamming.โ€Ž

  • Rule #7 | Threats - Threats are not allowed, this includes death threats, Doxing, blackmail, and DDoS attacks. Unfortunately, if you are threatened outside of The Stoned Golem, that is out of our control. We recommend blocking that user immediately and reporting it to the Discord Trust & Safety team.

  • Rule #8 | Using the Correct Channel - Please use the correct channel when posting content. For example, when posting a video, please use the #video channel.

  • Rule #9 | Admin Team - Admin members are an essential part of the community, and their primary role is to enforce the rules of the server. Please refrain from arguing with any staff members, and if there is an issue that needs to be addressed, please feel free to privately contact an admin.

  • Rule #10 | Toxicity - Please do not be toxic. If you have an issue with another community member, please refrain from starting an argument. If you begin to argue, please stop immediately and take it to direct messages. This server is a friendly and welcoming community, so please respect everyone, regardless of your own opinions.

  • Rule #11 | Advertisement - You are NOT allowed to advertise any other Discord or Minecraft server for your personal gain. inviting a friend to your server is entirely okay as long as it is done privately. but if you are seen inviting other members you do not know for your personal benefit, you will be warned. Inviting mass amount of members after you have been warned will result in a ban.

  • Rule #12 | No politics - Talking about serious issues involving government officials, political parties, religions, or geo-political disagreements is not allowed. Even if these topics are approached in a civil manner, this is not the correct place for these conversations.

  • Rule #13 | No impersonation - Please do not impersonate other users, staff, and/or famous personalities. Doing so can cause issues or fights.

Waystone Rules

  • Rule #1 | No Selling Your Waystones, you only get 6! If it is found you are doing this, you will get a warning.

  • Rule #2 | Do Not Use An Ult Account To Get More. Doing so will make you lose the ones you got.

  • Rule #3 | Do Not Place More Than One In a Small Area. Rule #4 | Do Not Place Them At Your Stores In The Shopping District. There is a shopping district waystone for a reason, putting one down at your store will result in a warning.

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