Corropted Crate

This Crate was a way for us to thank people for boosting our Discord server more than once, we don't know it made sense since you got 2 boosts with Discord Nitro

We do not make any profit from Discord Boosts as server owners, people were boosting, as a thank you, and to see how many boosts we could get.

This Crate has 20 Items in it and you get all of them, a Full Custom Netherite set and Tools. The way you get the Keys for this Crate is by Boosting our Discord server Two times, this doesn't have to be at the same time, if you boosted months ago and decide to boost again you still get these items After you've done that go over to the #help channel in our discord, open a ticket and select the "I Boosted" Category then follow those steps.

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