🕑Snowdin History

Pre-Empire Era


Two friends by the name of Teapot and Samuel joined TSG on the 20th of August, 2022. They made their first base in a place they named the ‘Jungle Isles’. However, the heat proved to be too much for them and it eventually pushed them to find a colder region to start their base at.

Original Snowdin Flag, the Torch representing the Better Light religion

Once arriving at a snow biome, they started to build their bases. They named their settlement ‘New Snowdin’ as it is a reference to an old world they used to play on. After establishing their settlement, they invited new people to the town to build a sense of community. The goal of New Snowdin was to help eachother out with getting ores and progressing through the game. One of these new members would be a man by the name of ElFi66, who would establish The Better Light church (a newly formed religion) in New Snowdin.

New Snowdin Mayor Elections

As New Snowdin started to be built up, Teapot was approached by ItsTonka, who wanted New Snowdin to have mayor elections. Teapot, confident he and Samuel would win, accepted the offer and scheduled elections.

The Political Parties

Tonkas Party - A party consisting of only Tonka

Inverses Party - A party consisting of only Inversive

The Founders Party - A party consisting of Teapot and Samuel, with the belief that the founders of Snowdin should rule over snowdin

Snuggy’s Party - A party consisting of only Snuggy

ItsTonka giving his speech at the New Snowdin Mayor Elections

Tonka won the elections gaining majority votes, and it placed him in charge of New Snowdin. However, this wouldn’t be the case for long.

Founders' Revolution


When Tonka came into power, many people started to regret their decision and felt cheated and scammed. Teapot took advantage of this and formed a campaign against Tonka, to hopefully put Teapot in power.

Reasons for the Revolution

There were many reasons for this, notable ones being:

  • Tonka didn’t have a house in New Snowdin, therefore people felt like it was a foreign power ruling over New Snowdin

  • Tonka proposed a plan to make New Snowdin “New Din”, by getting rid of all the snow

  • Tonka’s use of bribes to win the election became public, causing people to feel cheated

Protesters putting signs around calling Tonka a bad mayor

Peak of the Revolution

Many angry Snowdinians, led by Teapot, took to the streets and started to protest. They chanted “Down with Tonka”, and placed signs around the centre of the town, with messages mirroring the things they chanted. Tonka got wind of this, and immediately called the Snowdinians over to the stage, and immediately faced booing and taunting.


Standing on the stage, faced with immense pressure, Tonka abdicated from mayorship, placing Teapot in charge. Most of the town was happy with this, however, some people felt like it wasn't democratic.

New Snowdin started to grow rapidly after the elections, as many outside of New Snowdin decided that they were going to move in.

Expansion Era

With the rapid growth of New Snowdin declining, Teapot decided to branch out and make new towns that are under Snowdinian rule. On November 13th 2022, Teapot discovered various islands far south of New Snowdin, and decided it was the best place to establish a new town, bearing the name Boltzinberg (Later becoming Breakwater) .

After this, Teapot announced the creation of the Snowdinian Empire. The Empire saw great success, as Teapot encouraged new players to move to Snowdinian towns which saw the empire grow rapidly, as well as giving Teapot something to do.

Snowdinia was also open to other towns joining the Snowdinian Empire, as Teapot offered lots of funding, defence and population growth if a town were to join the empire. This deal attracted Westwood and Germabelgium to join the empire (Towns would later be sold off).

Snowdin Wall

Around this time, New Snowdin still faced the threat of the “Wee Ol’ Bastards Oop’ North”, who pillaged the town, and interfered with projects happening in the northern region of New Snowdin. Teapot had enough with this and constructed a wall to keep the bastards out.

The wall proved to be a success, as raids of New Snowdin’s north dramatically reduced and sightings of pillagers past the wall were unheard of.

Establishment of the League of Towns

The League of Towns was also established during this era, which Snowdinia hosted in the state of ‘Mount Samuel’’ in New Snowdin. The League of Towns was eventually disbanded due to lack of meetings.

Battle Era

Snowdin has focused a lot on the military throughout this era, and it came in handy during the ‘Tenacewar’ when Snowdinian infantry moved into the Bone Empire to save a Snowdinian held against his will. Shortly after this war, Teapot split the Snowdinian military into three branches:

Building Branch 🏗️

The Builder Branch is dedicated to building forts at key positions to counter enemy offensive attempts.

Combat Branch ⚔️

The Combat Branch is dedicated to the actual PVP against the enemy.

Supplies Branch 📦

The Supplies Branch is dedicated to those who want to help with the war effort, like aiding food and building supplies to the frontlines, and getting the infantry ready for combat.

Fort Flesh being built on a Snowdinian island north of Vitalion (Bonian Republic's capital)

New Snowdin’s Building Revolution

On February 18th 2023, Teapot announced that New Snowdin will be going through a ‘major building revolution’. He calls all Snowdinians to refine their builds, build new structures, help others and unify to achieve snowdinian greatness.

Teapot’s call for the building revolution

The building revolution was somewhat successful, as many new structures started to pop up around New Snowdin, and the Industrial land of New Snowdin (Blizzard Hills) saw massive improvements.

Mini Crisis

On March 18th 2023, Typing, a Lord of Heidensberg, overheard Tonka and Minihorsie talking about war. Thinking they were talking about war against Heidensberg, a Snowdinian town, he immediately tells Teapot. Teapot was ticked off with this information as he knew Tonka had spies in Snowdinia, so he spoke with the Lords of Heidensberg and decided to evict Mini. Tonka soon came to Heidensberg to clear up misinformation, saying they were discussing what they would do in the case of war. With this knowledge, Mini was allowed back to Heidensberg.

Mini being evicted

Teapot was still paranoid of Hellion spies infiltrating Snowdin, so he decided to form the Bloodboltz Pact with Tsario, King of Bloodwood. Both signed the agreement because of their shared paranoia of Hellion spies, and ongoing negative relations with Tonka. After this pact was signed, the two leaders called their military, and marched to Heidensberg.

Bloodboltz Pact paper that both leaders signed

Once the two nation’s armies got to Heisenberg, they gave Tonka two options, tell them all his spies or war. Tonka sided with telling everyone his spies, and all the spies he listed were kicked out of Snowdinia and Bloodwood.

The Blood War

A day after the Mini Crisis, Tonka formally declares war on the Bloodboltz Pact, starting the Blood War.

The sides of the war:





Nova Aurora


Turnip Town

The Phantom Fight

On March 25th 2023, Teapot called for an invasion of the city of Vitalion, capital of the Bonian Republic. The Snowdinian and Bloodwoodian army get on, as well as Silent, one of the leaders of Nova Aurora.

The great invasion force takes the New Snowdin underground to East Point, and takes a boat to Fort Flesh. Once arriving, they meet Hellion’s army across the small body of water. Both sides start shouting at each other, until the first shots are fired from Bloodboltz. Following this, the great invasion force moves forward to start attacking Hellion. After half an hour, the fighting finally stopped when a truce was called.

Both sides of the war staring each other down

The Blood Duel

Shortly after the fight, Bloodwood challenges Tonka to a 1v1. A Bloodwoodian and Tonka met at the Arena to fight, however, the Bloodwoodian had a knife with Sharp 1000, instantly killing Tonka, ending the duel.

From a Snowdinian POV, they didn’t even know this was the end of the war. They hoped the war would drag on, but after all the other nations recognized this as the end of the war, Snowdin gave in and ended hostilities.

Kings Bay’s Independence

On April 26th, Barrell approached Teapot asking for Kings Bay’s independence. However, they both agreed they don't want to fight and it should be a peaceful independence. The same day, Barrell paid teapot a couple diamond blocks.

Kings Bay’s Flag

Disputes and Resolutions

Teapot and Barrell met up in Kings Bay to discuss what the borders should look like. They both agreed that Vihnloxberg should stay Snowdinian. A fort on the northern island of Kings Bay was disputed between the two, but Teapot gave him the territory for the swamp islands in the north west

Snowdinian-Kings Bay territorial claims

Despite Kings Bay gaining independence from the Snowdinian Empire, the two nations still wanted to keep close diplomatically, and so they formed a union.

Feather War


On the 2nd of May, Teapot created the IVR (International Virus Research). One researcher who was invited was NovaElmstone, who was infected by the crying obsidian virus. She also brought along SimonBrother, who was infected by the sculk virus. Simon was put into containment, however, Nova was able to freely move around. Tonka feared Bloodwood would come to try to bring Nova into containment, which put Nova into hiding. After a while, Charlieo12 arrived at the IVR to try to get Nova. Teapot, Tonka and Simon refused to give up Nova and fought him off. However, Tsario and some other allies arrived with armour on, which Teapot perceived as a threat. They took Nova, which saw Teapot immediately break ties with Bloodwood (Before this, Snowdin already was breaking ties with Bloodwood by creating the Second Bloodboltz Pact, aimed for a more economic alliance than military assistance. The exact terms of this alliance can be found here Second Bloodboltz Pact), and started to gather support for a coalition against Bloodwood. The Coalition was formed, with the aim being to liberate Nova and to put Bloodwood in its place, as they all believe they have been way too cocky.

A portion of the Coalition’s Army

Teapot gave a speech to all the players fighting with the Coalition. He believed that all Snowdinian’s should consider helping as Snowdin is the place that helped them progress through the game. This ideology pushed many to join the upcoming fight, as well as many to join the military.

The First Coalition Flag, each star represents a nation that is a part of the alliance, and the flag is blue because it's the opposite of Bloodwood’s red.

Battle of Bloodwood

The Coalition had the nations of Snowdinia, Hellion, VHills, and Turnip Town, along with independent fighters. Once they all gathered in New Snowdin, they embarked to Bloodwood. On arriving there, only one person was there, named Shroomy. Teapot met Shroomy when scouting Bloodwood, and viewed them as someone who should be spared from the war. All leaders agreed not to kill Shroomy. The Coalition entered the quartz palace and started chanting ‘Down with Bloodwood’. This upset Bloodwoodians, who immediately returned to Bloodwood and tried to remove the Coalition. A brutal battle followed, between the Coalition and Bloodwood.

The Coalition making a racket to get the attention of Bloodwoodians

During this battle, Teapot was handed a note saying coordinates. Teapot and a small portion of his army start to go to those coords while the rest fight for the palace. On arriving at the coordinates, they discovered a lab in the nether. In the lab, Nova was held. The two talked for a while about the conditions in this lab, however was interrupted by the Leader of Bloodwood, Tsario. Teapot and his small army fought against Tsario, which ended with Teapot leaving by Nova’s request.

Peace Negotiations

After Teapot left the lab, Nova was immediately relocated somewhere else, and the Coalition returned back to New Snowdin victorious. The leaders of the Coalition met in Grillby’s to discuss their plan from there. They all agreed that the war should be ended, and should be considered a warning to the Bloodwoodians. Despite the war ending, the Coalition continued on as a mutual alliance.

Cursed War

The Cursed War was TSG’s most destructive war ever seen, with the highest casualties as well as the biggest battles fought. The war was between The Coalition (A mutual alliance between Snowdin, Hellion, Virgin Hills, Turnip Town, and others) vs The Blood Order (

Battle of the Blossoms

Tonka was minding his business when he was suddenly attacked by Forest Station soldiers. He managed to defend himself until Darkcat showed up, prompting them to launch a counter-offensive. After Forest Station retreated, Tonka and Darkcat did as well, to Blossom Bay.

Snowy welcomed the two to Blossom Bay, saying that they can take shelter there. Tonka left Blossom Bay to get supplies while Darkcat patrolled the area. While defending the area alone, Darkcat and Snowy were attacked by Forest Station soldiers in slightly larger numbers. Darkcat hinted to Tonka that Forest Station soldiers were going to redirect their attack on Tonka, and with that information, Tonka hid in his house until they managed to find him.

Tonka had to fight off Forest, Jullies, and Ink, eventually winning the fight and going to Blossom Bay to see what happened. Upon arriving, and discussing what the next course of action should be, the three in the previous battle brought even more soldiers and ambushed Blossom Bay. Tonka, Darkcat, and Snowy all defended Blossom Bay fiercely, despite Forest Station returning in waves. Eventually, the three finished them all, resulting in a Coalition victory.

The Wither Draw

Coalitions Forces at Virgin Hills

Coalition forces all met up at Millydee’s base at Virgin Hills and discussed their course of action. They decided to strike Bloodwood before they could prepare; so they set off to the heart of Bloodwood. Coalition Forces arrived at West 10k and started marching west towards Bloodwood. The soldiers sang and chanted insults toward Bloodwood, such as “Down with Bloodwood”.

Coalition’s March Route

Upon arriving at Bloodwood’s arena, the coalition was faced with rows of withers, waiting to be summoned. Both sides sat at opposite sides, insults hurling at each other, eventually evolving into arrows hurling at each other.

Picture taken during the peak of the fight

The withers were summoned, and with that, the battle broke into all-out hell. Explosions rang through the air and smoke filled the view of the soldiers. The fight was long and grueling, but eventually ended in a draw. Some soldiers say that the withers were the real winners.

The Westwood Assault

After the Wither Draw, the war came to a stalemate temporarily, with both sides not making any advances. Though this doesn’t mean that the tension was gone, because there were heaps of it on both sides. This culminated into the Westwood Assault.

Coalition Soldiers posing for a photo in New Snowdin

The Bloodwood Order antagonised the coalition army to come to meet them at the Bloodwood Arena, the same place the Wither Draw took place, but not wanting to repeat the destructive battle, the Coalition fortified firmly on a hill near Westwood and waited for the Blood Order

Makeshift Force

Eventually the Blood Order did arrive, resulting in a big fight. Many died during the chaos, mostly due to the vicious End Crystals used by each side. In the end, it was agreed the Blood Order won due to fewer casualties and more inflicted casualties.

Coalition and Blood Order soldiers fighting just outside Westwood

Peace Negotiations

Shortly after the Westwood Assault, Teapot was approached by a member of the Bloodwood Order, asking if the war could end. Teapot agreed and consulted the Coalition, to which they all voted in favour of ending the war. Soon after, all hostilities were ended and the server faded back into peace


Modern Era

Snowdin also started to improve itself internally, building new towns such as Falksberg, and expanding its members.

Various Alliances

After the declaration of peace, Snowdin immediately started to reach out to other nations and gain alliances, so a war like that could not happen again.

Third Bloodboltz Pact

The first alliance in this era Snowdin signs is with Bloodwood called the Third Bloodboltz Pact. The alliance aims to keep the peace between the two nations while guaranteeing both prosperity. The exact alliance can be found here: Third Bloodboltz Pact


After Diplomat LeKnochentrocken of Nak’ron suggested an alliance with their nation, Teapot obliged and started a meeting with Nightcraft, the leader of Nak’ron, and RageSuffix, leader of North Brockton, to come up with an alliance. The terms of this alliance are as follows:

  • Non-Aggression pact between the members

  • Trade of arms between the nations in times of war

Snowdinian-Enderian Alliance

With Adam stepping down as Vihnloxberg’s mayor, he still seeked to have diplomatic relations with Snowdin. This gave birth to the Snowdinian-Enderian Alliance, with the goals of better trade and better relations between the two nations.

Ice Empire

The Ice Empire is a business founded by Magenta14 and Karmonic that started in New Snowdin and aims to sell premium ice to the world. With friendly merchants ready to sell, and a wicked witch selling some questionable items.

The front of the Ice Store

The store was originally founded ages ago around the Expansion Era, but soon went out of business. However, they have established themself again as a great business that rivals all other businesses. On their first day of launch, their stock was almost sold out to buyers desperate for some of that premium ice.

“Evidence of a thriving business”, taken inside the Ice Store.

Construction of the Snowdinian Parliament

Front view of the Snowdin Parliament

Far view of the Snowdin Parliament

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