🏮Eshido Empire

In the land called Eshido, two extraordinary stone golems named Stumpy and Lanky forged an unbreakable bond, akin to that of brothers. Stumpy was the epitome of curiosity and mischief, with a heart as vast as the caverns beneath the earth, while Lanky, towering and lean, possessed a biting sarcasm that concealed his genuine affection and the protective instincts he harbored for his shorter companion.

Eshido, the very soil beneath their rocky feet, was their birthplace, where the ancient whispers of the land and the wisdom of the mossy forest guided their existence. But the peaceful serenity of Eshido was irrevocably altered when a person known as Mello descended upon the land. Mello, now the Mayor and Empress of Eshido, had brought with her a change that would echo through the mossy glades for centuries to come. The two golems, however, remained tethered to life by the radiant crystal perched atop a hill, its gentle, pulsating glow a testament to their enduring existence.

Mello's arrival heralded an influx of newcomers into the heart of Eshido, eager to experience the untouched beauty of the land. Little did they know that living in such proximity to the crystal that granted life to Stumpy and Lanky came at a price. Gradually, patches of stone emerged on the limbs and bodies of these settlers, the land itself demanding tribute in exchange for the privilege of its embrace.

Stumpy and Lanky, with their moss-clad forms, exhibited an unfailing kindness to the locals who sought solace within their sacred land. They had taken on the mantle of protectors and guides to the newcomers, their stone bodies bearing witness to the passage of time and the evolving tapestry of Eshido.

Initially, when Mello had arrived, the golems harbored reservations about her presence. She was not of the overworld, and their ancient instincts cautioned against outsiders. However, the land bore testament to the transformation brought about by time. Mello, although a phantom herself, earned the trust of the golems. She had valiantly defended Eshido against the menace of Phantoms and other hostile mobs that sought to encroach upon the realm, becoming an unlikely savior in the eyes of the stone protectors.

Eshido, with its mossy-clad trees and the radiant crystal on the hill, was destined for greatness. It was not merely a land but an empire in the making, with Mello as its guiding force. To the golems, this was a realization of their sacred grounds' profound destiny, as the crystal had come into existence following a seismic upheaval deep underground, forever linking the fate of the land to the timeless embrace of the moss and stone.

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